Healthy fats, happy microbiome

Looking for additional value for your dietary fats and oils? A new project will be initiated to study the microbiome-modulatory potential of various fats and oils and their subsequent support for human health.

Microbiome-modulatory potential  of dietary fats

There is growing evidence that various dietary fats can modulate the microbiome and hence have a beneficial impact on human health.  Besides direct pro- and antimicrobial effects, some commensal bacteria are capable of transforming dietary fatty acids into biologically active molecules benefitting host immunity and metabolic health. So far, few plant-based unsaturated fats are studied in this context, whereas for many other fats and oils the potential to act as a modulator of the human microbiome is largely unknown.

From prediction models to human impact

In this project, we will apply in silico analyses to identify fat utilization pathways in the human intestinal microbiome. Large-scale in vitro fermentation models mimicking intestinal fermentation of the small and large intestine will be applied to further characterize the impact of dietary fats and oils on microbiome composition and functionality. Finally, promising candidates will be validated in a human trial to support direct evidence in humans and study additional microbiome-driven health effects.

Partners wanted

The budget for this proposal is estimated to be 1100k Euro.
The above described projects are being developed for application to the TKI subsidy, a Dutch governmental program sponsoring applied research. Each project requires at least one Dutch company partner, but additional partners from abroad are welcome to join.

Granted projects receive 50% subsidy funding. The other 50% is contributed by industry partners, of which up to half (25% of total) may be in-kind.
Aim is to have 4-5 industrial partners, which results in 75k€ cash contribution of each partner in 3 years (25k€/year).

This consortium welcomes participants from the B2B, B2C and biotech industry. In return for in-cash and in-kind contributions to the project, partners can specify desired topics for research, and provide direction to the research activities. Unfortunately we are not able to reply to solicitations from research institutes or enquiries from students related to this project.