Steady-state spectrofluorometry

Spectrophotometer that is used to record fluorescence excitation and emission spectra.

Several instruments are available to monitor the absorbance, emission or polarization characteristics of fluorescent molecules over time or under special environmental conditions (low temperature or high pressure).

Spectrophotometer Fluorolog

The Fluorolog 3.22 (Jobin Yvon-Spex) (manual) is the "work-horse" of the lab because of its versatility: It can acquire excitation- and emission spectra (example: BFP, CFP, YFP, GFP, DsRed) (2D-fluorescence), polariza-tion (anisotropy), chemiluminescence and monitor time-dependent reactions. It is also capable of handling solid samples, microtiter plates and work with cryo- and high pressure-accessories.

Spectrophotometer Cary Eclipse

The Cary Eclipse (Varian is another heavily used spectrophotometer in our centre. It is possible to measure fluorescence using multi-well set up. Bleaching of the samples is strongly surpressed  due to the pulsed excitation light source used.


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