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Cyclic Ion Mobility Spectrometer with Desorption ElectroSpray Ionization

Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) combined with ElectroSpray Ionization Time Of Flight Mass Spectrometry (ESI-TOF-MS) is a powerful technique to analyse and identify many different compounds like peptides, proteins, phytochemicals, and carbohydrates as present in complex mixtures, such as foods, fats and oil, and crude plant extracts.

With cyclic Ion Mobility (cIM), the range of molecules that can be analysed is extended to the separation of isomeric compounds. The combination of the cIM-TOF-MS with Desorption ElectroSpray Ionization (DESI) enables the analysis of solid samples and surfaces, and offers possibilities for MS imaging of biological tissues.

The mass accuracy and resolution of the Select Series Cyclic IMS are highly dependent on the experimental setup and detection mode. The latest generation TOF has the possibility to enable high resolution MS analysis at resolution larger than 100,000 FWHM, resulting in mass errors below 1 ppm. The m/z range of the TOF-MS is between 20 and 16000. The cIM offers high resolution and highly flexible ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) due to the ability to vary the number of passes in the cIM to fine-tune resolution (ranging from 100 to 750) and measurement time. The UPLC system is also equipped with photodiode array (PDA) and a fluorescence detector (FLR) to assist with identification and quantification.

More about the apparatus the manufactures’ Waters website

Technical details

Waters UPLC Acquity H-Class Plus Bio

  • Titanium is used for the standard stainless steel parts
  • Binary pumps (high pressure mixing system)
  • Flow rate: 0.01 – 2.00 mL/min
  • Max pressure: 15000 psi (at 1 mL/min)
  • Injection type: Flow through injection
  • Column oven: RT – 90°C
  • Sample compartment: 4 – 40°C
  • Detector 1: Acquity Photodiode array (PDA)
  • Wavelength range: 190 – 500 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: ± 1.0 nm
  • Detector 2: Acquity Fluorescence detector (FLR)
  • Wavelength range: 200 – 890 nm (excitation), 210 – 900 nm (emission), Band width: 20 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: ± 3 nm

Waters Select Series Cyclic IMS

  • Mass range: 20 – 16000 m/z
  • TOF Mass resolution: > 100,000 FWHM
  • Mass accuracy: < 1 ppm
  • Ion mobility: cyclic ion mobility (cIM)
  • Ion mobility resolution: 100-750 (dependent on number of passes in cIM)

Waters DESI XS


  • Proteomics(-like) approaches
  • Profiling, identification, and quantification of diverse food(-related) molecules:
    • Intact and modified proteins (e.g. glycoproteins)
    • Protein hydrolysates or peptide mixtures
    • Lipid mixtures from fats or oils
    • Charged and neutral oligosaccharides
    • Phytochemicals (e.g. from crude plant extracts)
  • Separation and identification of isomeric molecules