Facility sharing even easier via Search

Published on
June 16, 2015

Over the past five years, CAT-AgroFood has invested in advanced facilities that are accessible for researchers from all organisations. The database Search went operational on 15 June. It allows you to search for many facilities at Wageningen UR and to discover who you need to contact for more information.

Searching with or without help

Wageningen UR has so much equipment for various purposes that researchers regularly have to turn to CAT-AgroFood to find suitable research equipment on the campus. To avoid this quest, we now have Search. This is useful for the researchers, who can now search for equipment themselves and contact the people who manage it. Of course, they can continue to ask for help at CAT-AgroFood if, for example, they know what they would like to analyse but are not sure which equipment would be the most suitable for the purpose.

What is it and how does it work?

Search is a database that, at present, contains information on nearly 400 pieces of equipment. The aim is to expand this database and eventually produce a complete overview of all the equipment available at Wageningen UR. A great advantage of Search is the ‘smart search’ tool. You type in a search word that is automatically added to until you find the term that Search already knows; the system always provides suggestions while you’re typing. A Dutch search term will also bring up English synonyms and search suggestions. If you don’t exactly know what equipment you need, you can also enter the analysis you want to do. Search then responds with every piece of equipment capable of carrying out that analysis, plus the person you need to contact.

Search is also available via the CAT-AgroFood website.

Search will also be presented during the Food Valley Expo on 12 and 13 October at Wageningen Campus.