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The NanoFlowSizer is equipment to measure particle size distributions in turbid systems. The particle size distribution is for a broad range of applications an important quality parameters and usually estimated using light-scattering techniques with well-known equipment like the NanoSizer and MasterSizer.

The method used, based on optical coherence tomography, is especially suitable for fast and reliable measurement of particle size distributions of concentrated turbid systems, either inline, online, or offline as well as in flow.

Technical details

  • Applicable for non-transparent (turbid) samples
  • Output average particle size and particle size distributions (Z-average, Intensity based PSD, d10 / d50 / d90, mean diameter)
  • Especially sensitive for particles in the size range of 10 – 1000 nm. Ability to resolve particle size range between few nm up to a couple of microns (exact particle range is depending on the characteristics of the particles)
  • Option for performing measurements at low and high temperatures
  • Set up is portable
  • Possibility for both in flow and static measurements
    • Static measurements can be performed in any typical sample container as long as it is transparent. For static measurements minimum amount of volume required is about 1 ml.
    • In Flow measurements is the flow-rate up to max shear rate = 100 per second, with the flow rate depending on available flow cell
  • Wavelength 1300nm
  • Scattering angle - Backscattering (180 degrees)
  • Scan rate up to 76 kHz


The NanoFlowSizer is suited for a broad range of applications, such as food and biobased as well as environmental and soil science. Within the environmental and soil sciences the technique will give valuable information on soil composition and quality that allows optimization of crop production and yield. Within the food area, the technology will deliver valuable information to relate ingredients, process and product quality and properties, like structure and shelf-life, which is essential to develop innovative and sustainable products and processes.