Optimizing packaging with new shared research facility

Published on
June 23, 2020

The oxygen permeability of packaging is essential to maintaining optimal gas condition into the packaging and to assuring the shelf life of (fresh) products. In order to develop an optimal packaging for food or non-food products, the packaging material (film or even entire packaging) must be tested under a wide range of storage conditions. Indeed, the product’s environment, and key factors such as temperature and relative humidity, may influence the oxygen transmission rate of the film.

The Mocon Ox-Tran 2/22 L is a research apparatus made available through facility sharing by Food Valley. This device measures the oxygen transmission rate under controlled, and even under extreme, circumstances. The Coulox® oxygen sensor not only complies fully with the ASTM D3985 standard, it also yields fast, accurate and reproducible results.

Shared facilities

An organisation’s network of partners and experts is essential to generating innovation. Shared Research Facilities collaborates with Foodvalley Facilities, in making state-of-the-art research equipment available to researchers from all organisations through facility sharing.

This set-up enables users to also directly contact expertise in the fields of films and packaging, storage, food and non-food products, and all the cutting-edge technological possibilities the facilities has to offer. Thus, the latest technological developments are directly accessible by you.

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