The Hybrid Approach

Published on
April 22, 2014

To find out what a gene does, high throughput is required. To understand how genes come to expression it is necessary to know the location of a gene. Knowledge of gene function and location is best acquired using ‘The Hybrid Approach’.

Finding traits

The Illumina second generation sequencers of CAT-AgroFood are great tools to get detailed informationabout genes. By comparing large numbers of genomes, it becomes possible to find out which genes are responsible for what traits.

Finding a gene’s location

Locating where on the genome which gene is found, however, is much easier with the PacBio. The longreads of the PacBio are particularly useful for breeding purposes. Once it’s known where wanted or unwanted genes are located, they can be targeted accurately.

Combining trait and location

The cheapest and fastest way to get a better understanding of genomes is to use the Hybrid Approach. For highthroughput the HiSeq is the best option, the MiSeq is very useful for targeted applications and the PacBio helps to generate complete large and complex genome assemblies.