The Wageningen EM centre presents itself

Published on
October 10, 2016

Are you working on nanoparticles, or viruses? Interested in biological processes on micro- or nanoscale, or looking for high-resolution images of food-structure details?
For scientists interested to see the finest detail possible, research opportunities are provided by WEMC (Wageningen Electron Microscopy centre).

Wageningen University & Research, Shared Research Facilities (CAT-AgroFood) together with WEMC provides access to a number of state of the art electron microscopes, sample preparation equipment and relevant expertise, which offer the possibility to prepare and visualize your samples in detail.
The research possibilities of the electron microscopes facilities as well as some new scientific research results will be presented on October 27th 2016 during a lunch seminar at Speakers corner, building 115 Futurum/Impulse.

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join the lunch seminar for free, please register beforehand.
Visit the website for more information and registration.