What we do for companies/organisations

Do you have an innovative idea, a question or an unsolved problem that you are unable to get round to? Working with students of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) could be the solution. Society Based Education connects questions from society to education at WUR. To do this, we help to focus your question, formulate student projects and we look for a suitable Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at WUR.

There are various Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in which students work in teams on questions from entrepreneurs, companies and non-profit organisations. Students work on assignments in the Food and Living Environment domain. These are short-term assignments on which students, with different or the same study background, work full or part-time for a period between 3 and 8 weeks. We can also translate the assignment into an internship or thesis assignment. Internship and thesis assignments are long-term assignments on which one student with a specific expertise works for 4 to 5 months.

Depending on the type of question, its size and to what extent the question is mono or multidisciplinary, we try to match it with a course in the education at WUR. When a match has been found, we fine-tune the research question in cooperation with you, so that the question also matches the learning process of the course of the students.

Criteria for the question of the company/organisation

  • It is an actual question;

  • The question is on an academic thinking and working level;

  • The question falls within the Food and Living Environment domain.

The student teams work within a learning environment, which means that you are expected to be open to guiding students to achieve their learning goals.

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If this interests you, and you are considering working with students, please contact us using the contact form. We will contact you as soon as possible to go through the following steps with you:

  1. We will discuss with you what your question is;

  2. We then assess whether the question is suitable for one of our Bachelor's or Master's programmes;

  3. If the question is suitable for one of our Bachelor's or Master's programmes, we will discuss in which period and in which course the question can be offered to students, and which preconditions apply to that course.

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Academic Consultancy Training

An example of a course in which students work on an issue of a company/organisation is Academic Consultancy Training (ACT). Every year, students from almost all WUR Master's programmes participate in this course. Students from different study programmes work together on a consultancy or design-oriented assignment. More information about ACT can be found on the website of Academic Consultancy Training.

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Examples of student projects

Examples of student projects in which students have worked on a question from entrepreneurs, companies, government institutions or non-profit organisations can be found here:

Examples of student projects