Data Management Requirements of Research Funders

Increasingly, research funders have mandatory guidelines with regard to research data management. These policies generally promote that publicly funded research data should be made openly available with as few restrictions as possible. Additionally, individual data policies from research funders provide beneficiaries with instructions and requirements on how to treat research data.

Research funders require that researchers create a Data Management Plan and apply the FAIR principles to their data. You can use DMPonline to access funder specific templates for Data Management Plans. Find links below to information about research funder data management requirements. These requirements are applicable to projects that are currently being submitted.


Note: NWO requires that Data Management Plans are first checked by a data steward or data management support at the home organization prior to submission. Please request feedback by the Data Desk on your Data Management Plan in DMPonline or via the Data Desk.


Horizon Europe (European Commission)

A Data Management Plan is mandatory for projects generating and/or reusing data.

  • During the proposal stage: one page explaining how your data (and other research outputs) will be managed in line with the FAIR principles
  • Once funding is awarded: Horizon Europe template for a Data Management Plan. This template can also be found in DMPonline.

Contact: Data Desk



Other funders

For information about data management requirements from any other funders or questions, please contact the Data Desk.