1000 datasets registered in Pure

Published on
December 27, 2018

Today, the library registered the 1000th dataset in Pure. Registering datasets makes them more visible and better findable.

Why are these datasets registered?

A dataset is a publication in itself and should be registered in Pure, the system behind Staff Publications. In the near future, datasets will become more important in reportings and visitations, and thus have impact on your scientific review. Moreover, the data policy of WUR states that all data underlying a publication should be archived and registered.

To support researchers, the library is actively looking for datasets of Wageningen University & Research in data archives, and registers these datasets in Pure.

Are your datasets in Pure?

If you want to know if your datasets are registered in Pure, please check your personal page in the new portal Research@WUR (only available for WUR). The datasets are in the menu below your picture.

If your datasets are not registered yet, please let us know! Send an email with the doi's or links to

Portal Datasets@WUR

To make the number of datasets per research group visible, the Wageningen Data Competence Center created the portal Datasets@WUR. Here you can see how many datasets your group has published and registered.

There is a large difference in number of datasets between the groups. There are several explainations for this. In some fields of research it is not yet common practice to publish datasets. It also depends on the number of researchers in a group. And of course, not all datasets are already registered.