The development of the Lutkemeerpolder

The Lutkemeerpolder is the last fertile agricultural land of Amsterdam. Nevertheless, there is a great deal of pressure to close up the polder so that a business-park can be built, to strengthen the competitive position of the region and to create jobs.

Businesspark VS Biopolder - The battle for urban space

Currently, the Lutkemeerpolder is used by local residents and farmers. They have plans for a biopolder and started the foundation ‘Behoud Lutkmeer’ (Save the Lutkemeer polder). The bio-polder is an alternative development plan and envisions the production of organic vegetables, jobs, education and biodiversity.

The municipality is for the business park. The plans for the Biopolder seem to lose. But why is this? Is Amsterdam in need of a business park or in need of a biopolder? How did the municipality came to this decision? What were the trade-offs? How does this decision for development work on the level of the province? Would the province make a different decision based on their responsibility for nature.


The student is asked to evaluated the plans for the Lutkemeerpolder and place them in a broader perspective. How do the plans fit into the big city themes?