Education Project Services Wageningen University & Research

Education Project Services Wageningen University & Research

Are you an entrepreneur or an employee at a company, government, non-profit organization or education- or research institution and do you have an interesting case or problem which needs researching? Education Project Services Wageningen University & Research aims to help you find a solution by connecting you to the study programmes of the University.

What are the benefits of this collaboration for you? By cooperating with students, students will share their scientific knowledge with you and help to create innovative solutions for your problem. Conversely, you meet potential new employees and contribute to the learning process of students by encouraging them to look for ideas and information outside their discipline.

What we do

Education Project Services is there to help you clarify the questions or problems which you may have. This question is then translated into a suitable assignment. Next to this, the team of the Education Project Services searches for the needed expertise and supports teachers by integrating the assignments into their courses.

The type of research executed by the students will vary due to different factors, as the selected course, study level of students (Bachelors' or Masters' programme) and assignment requirements. It is possible that the students from Wageningen University & Research will assist you by doing an internship in your organization or your problem might be solved by integrating it into their thesis. Another possibility would be for students to do useful scientific research through courses. This could mean that individual students are made available to do research for six months or that a group of students work as a team for up to 8 weeks on an assignment.

Read more about this on the webpage "Our services".

Which subjects are suitable?

Students of Wageningen University hold expertise within the ‘green’ domain nutrition and living environment. This domain distinguishes three, partly overlapping core areas: ‘Society and well-being’, ‘Food, feed and biobased production’ and ‘Natural resources and living environment’.

Students work together on projects with subjects like:

  • Sustainable food production
  • Biobased and circular economy
  • Life sciences and technology
  • Health and healthy living environment
  • Nature and climate
  • Urban and rural development

Are you not sure if your question fits within this domain? Please contact Education Project Services through the contact form.

Our partnerships


We are less accessible during the summer period!

Do you have a question for the Education Project Services or would you like to submit a project? Don't worry! You can still contact us via our contact form. Unfortunately, due to the holiday period it can take longer before you receive a response.

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