About Education Project Services

Education Project Services is part of the Education Support Centre of Wageningen University & Research. Education Project Services stimulates and facilitates co-operation between the University and Society. The aim is to connect real-life projects to the Bachelor's and Master's study programmes at Wageningen University.

Through the Education Project Services students get connected to, and can work on complex issues provided by external commissioners. This will lead to students sharing their scientific knowledge with a commissioner and in turn it teaches students to look for ideas and information outside their field of expertise.

Education Project Services is part of different ‘golden triangle’ networks in the Netherlands. Being actively involved in these networks helps facilitate co-operation between society and students. Also part of these networks are:

  • Local- and/or regional authorities,
  • Entrepreneurs and companies,
  • Foundations and civil society organizations,
  • Education- and research institutions.

The networks mentioned above, learn from each other by
exchanging their experiences and insights. 

Hereby we introduce the team members of Education Project Services:

Jelle van Leeuwen


"Jelle matches for societal partners that want to work with students in the courses of Wageningen University. He helps them find the right course, and translate their questions into applicable assignments. In addition, Jelle is the point of contact for teachers of regular bachelors' and masters' courses. Jelle studied Biotechnology at WUR, and was previously a project manager at Wageningen Food and Biobased Research. He has experience with biobased economy, life sciences and food technology.

Hanna Eppink

Hanna Eppink

Hanna is responsible for the vision and ambition of ‘Society at the University’. This means ensuring that real-life learning becomes possible by overseeing the strategic topics that fall within the University’s education. In addition, Hanna stimulates innovation within education by implementing changes in the curriculum and by experimenting with new forms of education which are currently outside the curriculum.

Nina Vergoossen

Nina Vergoossen, Onderwijsloket WUR

Nina’s primary responsibility is as contact person between the teachers of Bachelor and Master courses and the Education Project
Services. She supports them by integrating questions from society into their courses. Nina is also responsible for expanding the internal and external network of the Education Project Services. During her time studying Animal Sciences, Nina noticed  many opportunities in the field of sustainable living environment and is therefore now motivated to work within the Education Project Services facilitating the solutions of these problems.

Karen Dekker

DSC00058verkleind_Karen aangepast.jpg

Karen is the first contact point for external commissioners who would like to collaborate with Wageningen University. Karen coordinates and replies to the inquiries which reach the Education Project Services via the website and the general email address. For many years Karen has been working within the financial services industry and this experience helps her to optimize the work processes within the Education Project Services.

Saskia Leenders


Saskia helps to clarify the questions of the commissioners within the Academic Consultancy Training course. As a coach she guides student teams in their learning process. By doing this she hopes to become the connecting factor between practice and education and to come up with innovative insights. Saskia studied Tourism, Leisure & Environment at Wageningen University and before joining the team worked in various places as a coach and (skill) trainer.

Margriet van Vianen


Margriet helps with formulating assignments for the course Academic Consultancy Training. She has experience with formulating research questions within the domains of Biobased Economy, Circular Fashion and has a background in Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning. In her spare time she makes wooden jewellery. Because of her broad knowledge and interests she is well able to match assignments from different fields.

Yvonne Buunk

Pasfoto Yvonne2.jpg

As a project writer, Yvonne connects commissioners to courses by writing
student projects based on the wishes of these external commissioners and the
specific learning objectives of courses at Wageningen University. Yvonne is
also engaged in improving the quality of authentic learning in the study
programs, for example by organizing activities to
support teachers. Yvonne studied Communication, Health and Life Sciences
at WUR, and has experience with issues related to health and society.