Chat with the Library staff


Chat with the Library staff

Published on
December 12, 2017

Since October 2017, the chat box of WUR Library has been available in several databases: My Library, Staff Publications, MSc theses, Groenekennis and Geoportal.

What questions are asked?

The Library chat box has been available on the Library website since September 2016. The following are a few examples of the questions that users ask:

  • how do I find a specific book or article
  • where can I find information on specific topics
  • how do I get access to Scopus or to online journal articles
  • how can I get publications in my list of publications of WUR staff
  • questions about borrowing and reserving of books.

An important topic is how to get access off-campus. Below you can find three options to access the Library off campus:

- My Library log in

- Off-campus access button

- Library Access browser plug-in

We notice that the number of questions via the chat box increased this year from two to five questions per day. We invite you all to use the online chat.

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