WUR is serious about Data: We would like to tell you more

Published on
April 25, 2018

Research data are crucial to your research. You produce, collect, process, and analyse research data to come up with new findings. Your data are valuable, so it’s key that you handle them carefully. This means planning ahead, storing the data in a safe place, and archiving them for the long term. To encourage these practices, the Executive Board of WUR has recently introduced a new data policy. We (Data Management Support) will be visiting chair groups and business units to present this policy – and we'd gladly visit your group too.

What does the new policy focus on?

The policy focuses on safely storing research data during research, to avoid loss and leaking, and archiving and registering data sets to ensure data are safely retained and possibly reusable. Like the previous policy, the policy also requires PhD candidates and chair groups to have a Data Management Plan.

We would like to tell you more!

We, Data Management Support, recently started visiting chair groups (WU) and business units (WR) to give short presentations about the policy. Would you like us to visit your group? Or do you have questions about the policy? Please e-mail with your request or question.  

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