Regulations of WUR Library

Article 1

The Library offers unrestricted access for study purposes and the use of computer workplaces and for consulting works from the library's collections, such as books, journals and other library material.

Article 2

Borrowing works from the collection is possible for:

  • students of Wageningen University
  • employees of Wageningen University & Research (WUR)
  • institutions nationally and internationally (within Europe) that participate in interlibrary loan traffic
  • employees and students of other Dutch universities
  • other users who are 16 years old and older

The borrowers are not allowed to lend the borrowed material to third parties.

Article 3

Works that are not lent out may be examined in the Library.

Article 4

'Free loan' is understood under the term 'borrow' as is described in article 7A:1777 of the Civil Code.

Article 5

Students and employees of WUR can borrow works with their WUR card. Third parties need to have a valid library card, which can be requested at the library by showing valid ID and proof of address. The borrower is obliged to inform the Library of any change in personal information or address.

The Data Protection Law stipulates that personal information may not be used for other purposes than those for which the information has been collected and that this information may not be given to third parties. However, exceptions to this can be made on the basis of article 43 of the Data Protection Law.

Article 6

The borrower will use the borrowed and otherwise consulted works as well as the materials that are used in the Library carefully.

During use or possession of a work, the borrower is responsible for all damage to or loss of a borrowed work, a work received for examination, a work used otherwise or other library material from the moment that this is handed to him or from the moment of shipment when this work or material is sent at his request, till the moment that this is again in the Library's possession, regardless of how or by whom the damage or loss has been caused. In the case of loss or damage that cannot be easily remedied, the library will charge the borrower/visitor the price of the replacement material plus administration costs and possible other costs that accrue such as collection costs.

Article 7

The lending period will be determined by the Library and will be published on the Library's website.

The borrower can reserve a borrowed work. As soon as the work is available, the borrower will receive a message in this regard.

The lending period can be extended on request unless the work has been reserved by another and as long as the lending period has not yet expired.

Article 8

If the borrower has not extended the lending period in time or has not brought back the work, the borrower must pay a fine.

The borrowed material will be considered lost if the borrower has not given back the material despite the expiration of the lending period and despite a summons from the Library. At that moment, Article 6 is applicable.

The amount of the fines will be determined by the lLibrary and published on its website.

Article 9

In some WUR libraries, the borrower himself can execute the procedures for borrowing and returning works or can extend the lending period. Extending the lending period can also be done via the Library's website.

Article 10

Copying or downloading works or parts thereof is only allowed if it is legally permitted.

Copying or downloading of articles is allowed if this is done for personal practice, study or use, unless the nature of the work prevents it from being copied. The Library can advise in these cases.

In cases of misuse or violation of these regulations, the party in question can have his Library privileges revoked.

Article 11

The Library can request to loan works from the collections of other libraries. If there are costs associated with the loan, the Library will charge the borrower for these costs. The borrower will be informed about these costs when submitting a request.

The regulations in this document are applicable to the works borrowed from another library unless the other library has other rules. In such cases, that Library's rules apply.

It is also possible to request photocopies of articles from other libraries on the basis of the applicable conditions and tariffs that have been established for this.

Article 12

The computers in the Library may only be used for study purposes. In the event of damage, theft or misuse of these computers, the user can be denied access to the computer and/or the Library according to the conditions described in article 6.

Article 13

The librarian can remove or have removed and/or deny Library access to a visitor who is annoying others or who causes damage.

Article 14

The librarian can bar from the Library facilities persons who do not conform to the abovementioned regulations and/or who do not follow reasonable instructions from Library employees. If barred from the Library, said persons must immediately return borrowed materials.

Article 15

Conditions of use of e-books, e-journals and databases.

Article 16

The parties in question can register a written complaint against the measures that are named in articles 12 through 14 with the Executive Board of WUR, Droevendaalsesteeg 4, 6708 PB Wageningen.

Article 17

In cases not covered by this regulation, the librarian will decide.

Article 18

This regulation has been enacted on 16 December 2008.