About webcalendar

In order to use the equipment of MAGNEFY one has to book the instrument via the webcalendar.

Make reservations for equipment of MAGNEFY

If you want to use the equipment of MAGNEFY, your measurement needs to be registered in the webcalender.

A login account is required to create and/or modify entries in the reservation calendars. If you do not have a login account yet, you can apply for an account. See "New User". Note that applying for an account via the web calendar is NOT possible!!!

This reservation system allows us to stay in touch with all our users and to notify you in case of problems or new installations. It also facilitates the reservation and invoicing users. The equipment in MAGNEFY is not free for use, every user will be charged for the exploitation costs, based upon the agenda bookings. Please, do not forget to cancel/delete reservations that you will not use (click on reservation to see details and delete it). Reservations can be deleted up to 12 hours in advance. Reservations that are not been cancelled (in time) will be charged for the complete booking time.

How to sign-up an instrument

Go to the webcalendar and login with your username and password. Select the desired equipment via the scroll bar and click on the desired date and time for your booking. You can book equipment by session. Submit your booking to finalize. If you want to cancel your booking, click on the small scissors (only in grid view).