Contact with Impulse

Impulse is located in Building 115, Stippeneng 2, Wageningen Campus

Booking rooms and other questions

If you want to book a room, please call (31) 317 482828. If you have other questions, please call (31) 317 - 484479 or mail at

Impulse opening hours

Day Regular opening hours
Monday 8.00-19.00 hrs
Tuesday 8.00-23.00 hrs
Wednesday 8.00-19.00 hrs
Thursday 8.00-23.00 hrs
Friday 8.00-19.00 hrs
Weekend Closed (special opening hours on request)

Irregular opening hours

Day Opening hours
Offical holidays Closed

Impulse and the restaurant are closed from Friday December 20th  17.00 till Monday January 6th  7.30 hr.