Call for partners: Plant breeding for protein processing efficiency and functionality


Call for partners: Plant breeding for protein processing efficiency and functionality

This project is a collaboration between Plant Breeding and Food & Biobased Research. The aim is to breed new protein crops to adapt protein content, improve processing yields, and efficiently produce functional proteins. Crops of interest include proteins from agricultural side streams as well as plant storage proteins.

Achieving a full transition from animal to plant protein requires more diverse set of functional proteins for use in food products. Agricultural side streams, currently commonly discarded, offer opportunities for increased valorization of protein. Because these crops have not been optimized for protein or protein extraction, yields tend to be low. This consortium will breed crops to improve protein extraction yields, and maximize functional properties.

Integrating plant science and biorefinery

Protein extractability and protein functionality are dependent on plant structure and physiology. By linking these fields, we will identify new breeding targets that enable higher extraction yields of new functional proteins, leading to more efficient crop use.

Objective of each workstream:

  1. Valorize proteins from agricultural side-streams, by increasing protein accessibility, which will strengthen the business case for plant-based farming
  2. Identify functional protein fractions and develop technologies to bring these to industrial products
  3. Set new breeding targets to design crops for total crop use.

Invitation to collaborate

This consortium is open for participation from plant protein ingredient companies, breeding companies, and agricultural processors. In return for in-cash and in-kind contributions to the project, partners can specify desired crops for research, and provide direction to the research activities. Unfortunately we are not able to reply to solicitations from research institutes or enquiries from students related to this project.