Knowledge transfer (valorisation)

At Wageningen University and Research centre (Wageningen UR), we believe that a broad dissemination of results from our research contributes creating added value through novel applications. We also believe that it is essential to boost innovation in society. In The Netherlands, we call this process knowledge valorisation.

We are convinced that it is necessary to generate a snowball effect to boost innovation: many clients and (small) companies use our findings to generate different applications, including completely unexpected ones, for the benefit of society. We believe that the best way to guarantee the broad dissemination of new findings is by taking the lead in this transfer process, in order to maximise their use as well as further development of academic knowledge.

The ways in which we transfer knowledge and technology

Wageningen UR pays special attention to the transfer of knowledge and technologies by giving meaning and value to our scientific knowledge. We do this in the following ways:

  • By educating and training students, and thereby supplying industry and society-at-large with new experts;
  • By offering industry and non-profit organisations access to our knowledge infrastructure (facilities, tools, expertise);
  • By
    transferring our knowledge/technologies to both (long-standing or new)
    companies and  non-profit organisations, where new applications can be
    realised for the benefit of society;
  • By stimulating co-creation together with our stakeholders.

The process of knowledge transfer can lead to the creation of added economic value, such as with patents or new business start-ups. We invest the return of our commercialization efforts and use the added value from our investments to promote and aid further scientific investigation and research at Wageningen UR. However, our valorisation efforts often lead to the creation of added social value or contribution to society, such as in the case of research on animal welfare, or the assistance in national and international legislation or support for educational organisations.

You can find a selection of our knowledge transfer examples right here.

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