Shear Cell develops together with the TD Studio

For my research, in which I try to imitate the structure of meat, I make almost daily use of the Shear Cell that was developed together with the Technical Development Studio.

We really work together as one team.
Kasia Gabrowska

If there are any problems with the device and I do not know how to fix it, I can simply walk downstairs to the Ontwikkelwerkplaats, and someone will help me immediately.

We have now three Shear Cells and are now working on developing a fourth that needs to be more user-friendly, so that every student can also use it. It must also be improved in other aspects as, for example, be resistant to higher temperatures.

Designing a new device is an intense process. We see each other a few times a week and really work together as one team. We share our knowledge and experience. It all takes up a lot of time at first, but it is all worth it.