Data Science Education

Wageningen University and Research has designated data science as one of its focal themes. In line with WUR’s ambition to provide high tech skills and knowledge, matching the domain specific expertise taught in any of Wageningen’s education programmes with data science will allow us to address the unprecedented challenges today's world faces. With it, we will find answers together by bringing forth new technologies, smarter products, and effective solutions.

To explore the potential of data to improve the quality of life.
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Therefore, WUR is offering an increasing choice of education possibilities in data science. Those range from free choice courses to be taken during student’s education programme, dedicated BSc minor of Data Science, and online courses related to data science.

It is essential that the data science skills and knowledge be combined with and applied to specific domains such as plant, animal, environmental, social and agrotechnology & food sciences. The WUR education offering of data science courses focusses on this domain application ambition.

Domain specific research involving data requires skills and knowledge in the field of data science. This varies from technical skills of data, software, databases, and programming, to more advanced knowledge of model-based calculations, visualizations, and advanced analyse methods. Also ethical and privacy aspects of data collection and use play here a crucial role.

You can read all about the increasing number of courses in data science WUR has to offer here.

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