Data Infrastructure

WDCC’s ambitions for education and research require a proper technical and organisational infrastructure. In order to realise these ambitions, we combine our own facilities with those of partners. Furthermore, we seek international collaborations. We strive to apply the principles of open source code, open data, Fairness-Accuracy-Confidentiality-Transparency (FACT) for research and Findable-Accessible-Interoperable-Reusable (FAIR) for data. Use cases are used as step-by-step approach for the development of the infrastructure.

Research data infrastructure

The research data infrastructure works as support in the process of research and education, as far as data is being used herein. A common vision in the form of a research data infrastructure will strengthen the collaboration between different divisions of the WUR. Through this vision, a shared foundation of data and tools can be used for the development of joint applications.

Technical aspects

Facilities are needed for the research and education process and are the physical part of the research data infrastructure. They consist of data, hardware and software. Communities form the active share of the infrastructure and support the sharing of knowledge, problem resolution and generation of new ideas. A good technical infrastructure forms the foundation for both own research and education as well as external collaboration. The combining factor makes needed infrastructure for research and education clear within and outside WUR.