Picking tomatoes ripe


RoboCrops Hackathon 2020 student opportunity

Organised by TU Delft, RoboHouse, WUR and IQ

Thu 23 April 2020 until Fri 24 April 2020

Venue WHC, Naaldwijk
TU Delft, RoboHouse, WUR and IQ have teamed up to organize a RoboCrops Hackathon (for students) at RoboHouse Delft, part of a larger RoboCrops (for industry) event in WHC, Naaldwijk on April 23rd-24th 2020.

The aim of the RoboCrops Hackathon is to speed up the development of robotics in greenhouse horticulture. In order for a robot to autonomously harvest crops, it must combine sense (where is the tomato?), think (to pick or not to pick?, that is the question!), and act (pick and place in a container!). While good progress has been made in the development of harvesting robots in general, they are still not widely used in our greenhouses. In particular not for the delicate task of picking softer crops, like tomatoes, bell peppers or strawberries.

RoboCrops Hackathon 2020 therefore focuses on both the hardware (sensors, robot arms, grippers, autonomous vehicles) and the decision-supporting software required to control the robots. The Aanmelder website is live and students can sign up: robocropshackathon/subscribe

On Wednesday 25th of March we will host an interest drink (RoboHouse 17:30-18:30) where more information on the RoboCrops Hackathon will be presented, including the reveal of the crop that is to be harvested and tools/programs provided will be revealed and questions can be answered.

It would be great if students interested in working on a real interesting case sign up and win multiple big prices!