Value Creation

WUR sees applications of big data as a new possibility to enable value creation via education and research. Value creation is the attribution to social developments and varies from, for example, educating students in applied data science on one hand, and furthering the Sustainable Development Goals through newly developed technology on the other hand. The use cases and projects are illustrations of the possibilities.

Education and value creation

Education in data science offers the opportunity to teach students a new subject, namely the application of computer science to the specific fields of expertise of WUR. WUR is one of the few organizations that can develop combination. The value that can be created consists of well educated people who can make a contribution to society, both in research and business. Shaping the cooperation with external partners in this field is such that they complement the possibilities and expertise of WUR.

Value creation opportunities

The application of big data offers a wealth of apportunities for value creation. This varies from providing of own data for fee, to offering online services on a platform with data and models to subscribers. A key issue is to take the possibilities for value creation in account from the beginning of the development of new concepts and services based on big data. Several developments in this and other directions are already ongoing within WUR.