Roselinde Goselink appointed head of the Animal Nutrition department

Published on
February 11, 2020

Wageningen Livestock Research has appointed R.M.A. (Roselinde) Goselink DVM as the head of the Animal Nutrition department. She has 11 years of experience in research and project management in the area of animal nutrition and livestock farming.

“Roselinde is a people-oriented colleague who will look for and encourage collaboration,” says Gert van Duinkerken, Wageningen Livestock Research Business Unit Manager. “I look forward to working with Roselinde. In her, we have found a talented and ambitious departmental head and member of the management team.”

Roselinde will take up her role as head of the Animal Nutrition department on 1 May 2020. She will succeed Gert van Duinkerken, who took on the role of Business Unit Manager on 1 January. Gert will remain in his role as head of the Animal Nutrition department until 1 May.

Education and additional employment activities

Roselinde Goselink

Roselinde graduated from the faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Utrecht University in 2008, and completed an additional honours programme for Veterinary Research. After a brief assignment for the Royal Dutch Veterinary Association, she was appointed scientific researcher at the Animal Nutrition department at Wageningen Livestock Research. Rosalinde completed several additional training programmes, also through the young talent programme at Wageningen University & Research. In addition to her regular work as researcher, she is working on a PhD thesis focused on the management, nutrition, metabolism, and health of dairy cattle. She will complete and defend her PhD thesis in 2021.

Roselinde is active in Europe as the secretary of the EAAP Animal Nutrition committee. She has an organisational talent that she has employed as the leader of the organising committees for large international conferences such as ICPD 2016 and the International Dairy Nutrition Symposia (2011-2020).  She has experience with acquiring contract research for several operators in the market as well as initiating and managing Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). She is co-project leader of the Sustainable Dairy Chain PPP, programme leader for “Life Expectancy for Cattle”, and has an active role in the innovation centre Dairy Campus.