Biography on garden architect Mien Ruys 

Published on
June 15, 2017

The NOS journaal is making recordings about the Special Collections' drawings and other materials from Mien Ruys, a famous Dutch garden architect.

Tomorrow a biography on Mien Ruys (1904-1999), written by Leo den Dulk, will be presented. Mien Ruys was the most important Dutch garden architect from the 20th century. For this occasion the NOS journaal is broadcasting an item on Mien Ruys on 16 June 2017. For the television news item they visited the Special Collections reading room in order to film some of the original drawings of Mien Ruys. Mien Ruys designed very much private gardens, but also public parks.

More of her work can be found in the database TUiN.

The biography is written by Leo den Dulk and published by De Hef publishers.

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