Company Day Future Perspective

Company Day Future Perspective

The inspiring Company Day at Wageningen Campus will give you a feel of how the latest and most relevant research and innovation topics can contribute to the innovation agenda of your organisation.

Developments in technology and new innovations are key during the Company Day on 27 September 2018. This day offers company leaders, innovators and developers an opportunity to get familiarised with six highly current topics and provides an inspirational outlook on novel technologies and their possible applications and impact. The themes Big Data, Blockchain, Climate Smart and Circular Food Production, CRISPR-Cas, Photosynthesis and Precision Agriculture are all explained.

The interactive programme gives start-ups, SMEs, larger companies, policymakers and other stakeholders the opportunity to visualise, discuss and truly experience innovative technologies. You will have an unique chance to explore and strengthen your contacts with WUR and other innovation stakeholders.

The programme consists of three theme rounds. Each round starts plenary, afterwhich you get the chance to join one or more sessions like discussions, tours and pitches. When registering, you will select which theme rounds you wish to follow. On location you decide upon the session(s) you wish to follow.

Programme Company Day*

Time Programme
09.00-09.45 Registration
09.45-10.40 Inspiring plenary opening with Rens Buchwaldt, WUR & Rudi Cartuyvels, imec
11.00-12.15 1st round of theme sessions
12.30-13.30 Lunch in Orion
13:50-15:05 2nd round of theme sessions
15.30-16.45 3rd round of theme sessions
16.45-18.30 Plenary closing and network drink

*The opening, lunch and closing take place in Orion Building. The theme sessions take place at different buildings around Wageningen Campus. In between the sessions there is time to relocate around Campus.