Climate Smart and Circular Food Production

We are faced with the challenge of continuing to provide the growing world population with good and healthy food without overburdening the earth. To meet this challenge, a transition is needed to a climate smart circular food system. What are the perspectives for your company to play a role in a climate smart circular food system? How do you ensure that the footprint of your company is as small as possible, that you use the produced biomass efficiently and that you make all nutrients and residual available again for production.

Introduction to Climate Smart and Circular Food Production

Get inspired by the future perspectives of new climate smart, circular food production systems. Experience how knowledge and practice work together to realize the transition to a climate smart, circular food & feed production system. Learn what innovations companies have set in motion and explore what more we can realize together to tackle the challenges for the sector and society.

You can discuss the possibilities to optimize soil health, the possibilities to increase food production and at the same time reduce the food footprint and the role of animal production in a climate smart circular production system. Get surprised by the possibilities manure offers in this circular system and the role of alternative forms of protein production and the future of the Dutch landscape in a circular food production system.

Climate Smart and Circular Food Production sessions

The Climate Smart and Circular Food Production rounds start plenary with an introduction by Imke de Boer (WUR), Kirsten Dunlop (Climate-KIC) and Ruud Tijssens (Agrifirm), who reflect on the necessary transition to a Climate Smart and Circular Food System. Then you can join several of below's sessions.

Note: Round 1, 2 and 3 consist of the same sessions/demonstrations. During the round, you have the possibility to join two of the eight sessions/demonstrations.

Session 1: Boosting Climate Smart Agriculture

Session 2: Stimulating the green circular economy: green circles Heineken

Session 3: Circular water: prepare for the future

Session 4: The nutrient challenge: making manure a circular hero

Session 5: Alternative Proteins: feel, smell, taste & learn about Seaweed

Session 6: Residual flows and co products for animal feed

Session 7: Climate smart dairy production, experiences in farmer groups

Session 8: Nutrient Cycle Assessment supports the dialogue about closing cycles

Partners involved are: Agrifirm, Climate-KIC, FrieslandCampina, Heineken, Stichting Kringlooptoets, Van Drie Group