Campus Activities

Information regarding the campus activities on Friday-morning November 9. All activities will be approximately one hour in different time slots. The pitch training will entail an extra (individually) scheduled 15 minutes for making the video.

Time slots and venue

More information regarding time and meeting point is sent directly to those who sign up. All activities are situated at Wageningen Campus.

Conference registration

Registration for the conference is possible between 9.30 - 11.45 on Friday November 9, and can be done either before or after the chosen activity. The registration desk will also be manned throughout the day, so it is possible to arrive outside the main sign-in timeslot.

Activity 1. Pitch training and making of a video (1 Hour + filming)

Venue: Building Plus Ultra on Wageningen Campus. Bronland 12, 6708 WH Wageningen. Make sure you are on time. We will welcome you at the Ground Floor of the building. Group 1: 9.00 - 10.00. Group 2: 10.15-11.15. Selected students received an email toinform them about their group.

This activity will give you the chance to practice in giving a good pitch. A lifelong benefit if you know how to do it right! After the training you will be filmed and guided by a professional film crew, so you will get your own 1 minute pitch video of your research! There is limited space for this activity.

If you sign up for activity 1 you will go through the following stages:

Preparation: Before coming to the conference, we ask you to develop your story and prepare two slides which will be included in your personal video (1. Problem slide and 2. Solution slide). Think of the essentials in your research; the Problem, the Solution. How are you going to Touch the World with your research?

Prepare your story and rehearse it before you come to the pitch training!

Pitch training: On Friday morning 9 November you will participate in the pitch training. An experienced trainer will guide you and give tips and tricks. You will be fine-tuning your story to be recorded by the film crew.

Filming your 1 minute video: After the pitch training, a professional film crew will film and edit your 1 minute pitch. You get some time to do multiple takes if necessary. Tips:

  • Practice your 1 minute pitch in front of a mirror. Write down the text and monitor the time. You will probably notice that it’s quite hard to say all the essentials in only one minute.
  • End your pitch with a personal quote. How are you going to touch the world with your research?

Broadcast your pitch! Show the world. Your video will be uploaded on YouTube instantly and you can use it right away to convince promotors, companies, your family and friends about the uniqueness and applicability of your research. In addition your video will be shown on video screens during the conference in the poster presentation venue.

Activity 2. Excursion to Unifarm, Plant Sciences (1 Hour)

Meeting point: Orion building, Ground floor at 9.45. From there WUR students will guide you to Unifarm. The tour will be from 10.00 - 11.00.

You will visit the Serre greenhouse of 9.000 m2 glass which is subdivided into no less than 100 compartments of different sizes and technical facilities. More than hundred different crops are grown at Unifarm. Fundamental research focuses on model crops like Arabidopsis, tobacco, tomatoes and cereals.

Unifarm offers facilities and support for research in plant sciences. Unifarm has available a unique array of facilities for conducting research: 230 ha experimental fields with different soil types, mushroom cultivation facilities, 15.000 m2 glass, climate chambers, climate cabinets, cold stores and freezing cells, storage rooms, processing rooms, drying ovens and measuring equipment.

Activity 3. Excursion to the World Soil Museum (45 minutes)

Meeting point: Orion building, Ground floor at 9.45 (group 1, tour from 10.00-10.45) or 10.30 (group 2, tour from 10.45-11.30). WUR students will guide you to the World Soil Museum.

You can see soil profiles that have been sampled up to a depth of 1.50 m and are conserved through impregnation with diluted lacquer or glue. The thickness is about 6 cm. Such preserved soil profiles are called soil monoliths.

The collection of the ISRIC World Soil Museum contains over 1100 soil profiles from more than 90 countries inthe world. These preserved soil profiles, or monoliths as they are called, are vertical sections of the soil that show the composition, layering and structure of the soil in manner very close as to how the soil may be viewed in the soil pit in the field.

Activity 4. Wageningen Campus Tour (1 Hour)

Meeting point: Orion building, Ground floor at 9.45. The tour will be from 10.00 - 11.00.

You will take a walk on the campus under the guidance of a Campus tour guide (student). You visit the ground floor of the educational buildings Forum and Orion. You also walk through the Wet Nature Garden and across the Campus grounds. Special attention will be given to sustainable features on Wageningen Campus.