In many ways the Student Council’s work is not so different from the Dutch political system. In total 12 seats are available to be taken by different parties or independent members. Depending on the number of votes received during the elections the seats are divided over the parties and appointed to independent members.

Every year the elections are organized in May when every student from Wageningen University has the possibility to vote. During this week the persons running for seats in the Student Council will inform you about their plans and ideas so you can make a well-based vote. Voting takes about two minutes and can very easily be done online. It is not only for the persons running but also for you as a student very important to vote. A Student Council that is chosen by votes of 50% of the students of Wageningen University has a higher credibility towards the Executive Board than a council chosen by only 15%. Although the Student Council is a legitimate organ at all times, it is still important to show the interest of students and the support given to the students representing all.

Being a Student Council member, however, is more than just meetings and reading documents. During the year you have the possibility to develop yourself on a personal, a business and a political level. Therefore a year Student Council looks good on your CV and you will profit from it for the rest of your life, apart from the fact that you will get to know incredible people and really make a difference.

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