You are a Wageningen UR employee or -student and you have a WURclient laptop

Wireless SSID

Your WURclient laptop already is configured to connect to SSID "wurnet" with WPA2-AES Enterprise encryption.


No restrictions: Internet access, Intranet access Access to Network shares, Access to WURPrinters.

First time setup

No 1st time instructions applicable: your WURclient laptop is already setup for WUR-Wireless. If however your WURclient laptop is unable to detect the Wageningen UR Wireless network: click START → (All Programs) → WUR → TOOLS and select "Configure WUR Wireless Network list".

If the above has no effect on your WURclient laptop with Windows 7, a temporary manual workaround has to be performed once:

  1. Click the network icon (lower right corner in the task bar (tray-icon) next to the clock)
  2. Click in the resulting window on Other Networks. Next, click Connect.
  3. Enter: wurnet (note: all in small letters, no spaces)
  4. If a message appears, click Connect again
  5. The connection will be made and will stay available from now on.

If connecting remains problematic on your WURclient laptop, contact the Servicedesk IT.


Setting up the wireless connection at a WURclient laptop is supported by the Servicedesk IT. If you are experiencing problems connecting your WURclient laptop to the wireless network, contact the Servicedesk IT.