Frequently Asked Questions

  • Setting up the wireless connection at a WURclient laptop is supported by the Servicedesk IT. If you are experiencing problems connecting your WURclient laptop to the wireless network, contact the Servicedesk IT.

  • For setting up wireless connection on non-WURclients, such as private laptops, mobile phones etc, manuals and instructions are offered on this website. The Servicedesk IT can not provide additional support on those devices, however you can visit the Servicepoint IT for assistance on accessing the Wageningen University & Research network from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • If you experience issues logging on, do try using your full emailaddress as logon name instead of wur\your_WURnetaccountname

Q: Is using WUR Wireless network free of charge?

A: Yes, using the wireless network is free of charge.

Q: Are you visiting Wageningen University & Research and wanting to have access to the wireless network?

A: Before you can connect (internet access only) your contact at Wageningen University & Research must create a temporary Wireless Guest account for you. If you are an employee at Wageningen University & Research, you can create a wireless guest account for your guest (one account per visitor; account-sharing is stricktly prohibited) by following this link.

Q: With my WURclient laptop, do I still have to use wired network?

A: The wireless network is an addition to the wired network. Wireless network is not provided at all locations and not in all rooms. Since wired network is much faster: if you can connect to the network by wire this always is preferred. In this case, make sure you disable your wireless device to avoid connectivity issues by having Microsoft Windows switching back and forth between the wired / wireless connection.

Q: My wireless device did connect to the WUR wireless network but it still states: Limited Connectivity and I cannot access the internet. What to do?

A: Your networkcache (DNS records) may contain obsolete or incorrect data: clear the DNScache. You can use the indicated instructions for your operating system.

Q: My device does have a wireless adapter - but how do I check whether or not my laptop supports the required 802.11g protocol?


  1. Open Network Connections (from the System Tray or from the Control Panel)

  2. Verify that your wireless Connection is Enabled; if not, right-click on your wireless connection and select ‘Enable.’

  3. Within the Network Connections window, right-click on your wireless connection and select ‘Properties’.

  4. Select the ‘Wireless Connections’ tab.

  5. Under “Connect Using” you see a little window, displaying which 802.11 standard you are using. If it is 802.11a or 802.11b, your laptop will not work with the WUR wireless network: only 802.11g will give access

Q: How can I check if the wireless adapter on my laptop is enabled?

A: First make sure your wireless adapter is switched on (very often you will see a blue light switched on).

  • For WURclient laptops: Go to START → (All Programs) →WUR → TOOLS. With Disable Enable Wireless you can toggle between on and off.

    • For non-WURclient laptops: Click on "Connect to", move the cursor to "Wireless Network Connection". Right click and you will see a menu.

  1. If you see "Disable" at the top do nothing, your wireless adapter is already enabled.

  2. If you see "Enable" at the top, click on it to enable the wireless adapter of your laptop.

Q: I do have a WURclient laptop, but it does not detect the Wageningen University & Research wireless network?

A: Click START → (All Programs) → WUR → TOOLS → Configure WUR Wireless Network list.

Q: Can I use the WUR Network printers on my personal laptop?

A: Yes, as listed on the homepage: as long as you do have a WURnetaccount you can connect to multifunctional printers. Networkprinting is not available to EDUroam- or Guestaccount users. See the homepage → Additional Setup Instructions for setup instructions.

Q: Can I connect to the WUR wireless network using my mobile phone?

A: Yes, see here for manuals (WUR account required).

Q: Can I connect to the WUR wireless network using my tablet?

A: Yes, see the homepage → Additional Setup Instructions for setup instructions.

Q: How to configure my email account on my iPad?

A: See the manual for iPad2. Only applicable for adding your Wageningen University & Research email account!

Q: How to configure my email account on my mobile phone?

A: Yes, see here for manuals (WUR account required).

Q: I have followed the manuals but still can not connect to the WUR wireless network..

A: Check at co-students / colleagues if they can connect to the wireless network to rule out any service interrupts of the wireless network itself. If others can connect, the issue is related to your laptop/device. Unfortunately we do not provide support for non-WURclient laptops other than the manuals and guidelines provided on this site.

Q: I'm having trouble logging on by wireless connection after I've changed my password. What to do?

A: You might try clearing the systemkey (registrykey) which holds the obsolete password information. To do so, download the file below; Open it and merge the content by right-clicking on the content and choosing 'merge'. Download [] and choose 'save to..'

Do note: changing the registry can be harmful if carried out incorrectly. Using the file presented above is at your own risk: Wageningen UR does not accept any claims for any damage following the use of the tool.

Q: I have a WURnetaccount: How do I logon to the EDUROAM-wireless at another institute?

A: Logging on at an EDUROAM participating institute is to be done with your full WURnet accountname, which usually is your email address.

Please note: WUR FB-IT *ONLY* facilitates the logon process for EDUROAM at participating institutes: for áll other questions about using EDUROAM at another participating institute you must contact the IT department at thát location, not Wageningen FB-IT.

Also read the setup instructions at 'Eduroam participant employee or student with an own laptop' under 'Access to the wireless network' for more information.

Q: Is the Servicedesk IT interested in additional manuals or corrections of existing manuals?

A: Yes, very much so even, as it is impossible for us to create manuals for all devices 'out there'.

Please provide as detailed information as possible (preferrably including screenshots) and send your information to: Servicedesk IT

Found an error in a manual? Let us know!

On behalf of the wireless network users and the Servicedesk IT: Thank you in advance!