WUR mail on phone: IMAP

How to configure my @wur.nl email account on my mobile phone?

Answer: You can use the settings below for configuring your @wur.nl email on your mobile phone.

  1. Incoming server : imap.wur.nl
  2. Outgoing server : smtp.wur.nl
  3. Secure login : no
  4. Outgoing server requires verification : yes
  5. Accountname : WURnetaccountname (or full @wur.nl emailaddress)
  6. Portnumbers : IMAP over SSL port 993
  7. Poortnumbers : SMTP over TLS port 25 (alternative: over SSL port 25; alternative STARTTLS over port 25)
  8. In Outlook Express : Root folder path : leave Blank 
Please do note we do not provide additional support. Also do note using your @wur.nl email on private devices other as via webmail.wur.nl or outlook_anywhere is fully at your own risk.