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What you need to know as a supplier to Wageningen University & Research.

Wageningen University & Research has drawn up an organisation-wide purchasing policy. Under this policy all purchases are made with reference to the General Conditions of Purchase. Distinct conditions apply for services and for products and deliveries.

At Wageningen University & Research, all orders are placed through a single uniform electronic ordering system: proQme from Proquro. The proQme order numbers must be quoted on invoices.

Together with other universities, Wageningen University & Research has developed a methodology to improve Social Responsible Procurement and has implemented a sustainable procurement policy.

Wageningen University & Research does not appreciate receiving unsolicited hard-copy catalogues and leaflets from suppliers. They are seen as an unjustified use of raw materials and energy.

The Purchasing department can inform suppliers on which product groups are covered by framework contracts with preferred suppliers (including office supplies, foreign travel, chemicals, furniture, copier paper). Contract managers monitor the quality of contracted suppliers by means of management discussions and audits.

Wageningen University & Research cooperates closely with other Dutch universities through the University Purchasing Platform (UPI).

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From 1 July our campus is smoke-free.