Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are important for Wageningen University & Research. They are expressed in our mission, 'To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life,' and in our ambition to take a leading role in the area of sustainable operational management. In short, Wageningen University stands for sustainability.

This is what sustainabilty during the ELLS Scientific Student Conference means to Wageningen University:

Using bike transport

The 56 students that stay in the accommodation Camping de Wielerbaan will use bikes to move to and from the conference venue. A real sustainable and Dutch way of transport.

Special gift

Instead of a goodie bag we have just one, very special gift for you. Please, use it and don't put it in your cupboard.

Event app

We prefer beautiful forests over piles of paper. Therefore this event is paper-less. Our event app YAPP is your ultimate guide, a place where you can find the programme and bios of the speakers. And if you look around you, the programme is also on the posters and banners.

Zero plastic waste

We do not use any disposables at this event. All food and beverages are served on/ in reusable plates and cups. Also cutlery is reusable.

Reducing food waste

We do not order food for people who do not come. This is why an accurate registration is so important - we want to know exactly how many people to expect.

Flexitarian lifestyle, less meat = more sustainable

This is why we do not serve meat or fish during the first lunch and less meat at the other meals. From all participants almost one third is vegetarian and almost one third ticked the box of Flexitarian!

Sustainable location

Wageningen University is one of the most sustainable universities in the Netherlands. It is 100% energy neutral due to own windmill park, geothermal energy storage system and impressive roof area covered with solar panels. In most of the buildings at the campus waste is meticulously recycled and all new buildings meet high sustainability standards.

Your contribution

Help us to make this event sustainable! If possible, choose public transport over your car to come to Wageningen. Use the special gift.