DARE’s reaction to Resource article "We need to talk about China"

Published on
May 31, 2023

The article titled "We need to Talk about China" in Resource Magazine and the subsequent reactions it received warrant a thoughtful reaction from DARE.

Over the past two years, DARE has actively addressed issues of discrimination and inequality within and beyond Wageningen University and Research (WUR). We consider it our responsibility to tackle existing and emerging issues of systemic racism, discrimination and inequality by raising awareness and seeking lasting solutions. The concerns raised in the Resource article regarding the well-being and employment conditions of PhD students, particularly Chinese candidates, are key issues being addressed by DARE within our documents and policies pillar. We believe in engaging in inclusive conversations that bring together all individuals and parties involved.

DARE recognizes Resource’s intention of raising the important issue of unequal conditions PhDs experience at WUR. However, the framing and wording used in the article, and the way in which the message comes across, shows systemic racism still exists within our organization. To address this, as a first step, we invite those parties involved separately for an in-depth conversation. After these conversations and a deeper evaluation, we will decide upon further actions to continue tackling racism and discrimination at WUR.

DARE strive towards a more inclusive, safe working and fair academic environment at WUR.

Coordinating Team, DARE