Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) at WUR

The use of Generative Artificial Intelligence tools in everyday work is on the rise. WUR has therefore prepared a short statement for staff and students as a first guideline.

We encourage lecturers, researchers, PhD/EngD candidates, students (including professional learners) and support staff at WUR to use generative AI (GenAI) methods responsibly. This means using GenAI legally, ethically, and in transparent manner. GenAI methods should enhance the quality of our work, while protecting privacy, boosting creativity, and supporting learning. To facilitate this, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) provided information for students on responsible use of (generative) AI tools while information for lecturers, researchers, PhD/EngD candidates and support staff is available at a joint intranet page.

GenAI methods that support high-cognitive tasks such as data analysis, data visualization, computer programming, graphic design and generation of scientific figures are now increasingly becoming available. Particularly those that produce and analyse text based on large language models can be powerful multipurpose tools (like getting help with an administrative part of our job, thinking out of the box or answering a question on a (new) subject matter). In this sense GenAI methods offer exciting new possibilities for research and education at WUR.

As generative AI has rapidly developed, we do not yet have a final vision yet or answer on how it will affect our education and research activities. We will further develop a vision in a continuous dialogue with WUR staff and students and in alignment with the other Dutch universities.