EB statement on sexually transgressive behaviour

The stories on sexually transgressive behaviour in the world of entertainment, followed by reports of similar behaviour in the sectors of politics and sports, have impacted us and have sparked discourse within our organisation. This came in addition to disturbing data from Amnesty, among others, about sexual assaults on students. Immediately after this, our confidential advisers reached out to students and employees and, in cooperation with the mayor, our rector magnificus has started talks with student associations.

WUR stands for a safe study and working environment, both physically and socially. We are aware of the fact that a university and research environment is no different from entertaianment, politics and sports, and that sexually transgressive behavior may also occur within our WUR community. We, too, are familiar with power differences and thus with circumstances that make addressing sexual undesired behaviour difficult.

We do not tolerate sexual intimidation or transgressive behaviour in any way or situation. We take reports extremely seriously, and each incident is one too many. We, therefore, ask you to report incidents and address others so that, together, we can ensure a safe work and study environment in which everyone feels free to speak up against boundary-crossing behaviour.

This is a joint responsibility that must be anchored in our culture.  A safe environment calls for continued focus and attantion.  

Louise O. Fresco, Arthur Mol, Rens Buchwaldt

Help and support

Are you faced with sexual intimidation or other undesired behaviour? You will find information on what support and assistance WUR can provide on the intranet page Support and Mediation.

For students, a special topic with this information has been added to the MyWURtoday app.