Staff and integrity

When employees of Wageningen University & Research sign their letter of appointment they agree to act in accordance with the letter and the spirit of the integrity code. Certain codes, regulations and agreements are mentioned in the letter of appointment to safeguard the integrity of the organisation and hence the staff.

More information about the documents mentioned in the letter of appointment is available here:


    Authorship, citation and affiliation guidelines at Wageningen University & Research

    Wageningen University & Research has established guidelines for authorship, citation and affiliation that have to be considered by all WUR researchers. The guidelines apply to any written document, be it an article, conference proceeding, confidential or publicly available report, abstract, book, book chapter, presentation or other. The guidelines are based on the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2018), but are more elaborate on these particular topics.

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    Integrity code

    Wageningen University & Research has drawn up an Integrity Code in which the norms and values are explicitly defined. Adherence to these norms and values safeguards the maintenance of the norms and values of the organisation. More information about integrity can be found on this page.

    Ancillary Activities Wageningen University & Research

    Staff who wish to engage in professional activities in addition to their job at Wageningen University & Research (WU/WR) require written prior approval from the employer. Read the Regulations Ancillary Activities for more information.

    The internal organisation and potential clients need to know the details of any additional professional activities to avoid conflicts of interest (or the appearance of conflicts of interest). As soon as you start work at Wageningen University & Research, you can activate the module ‘Ancillary Activities’ in the My HR (click on ‘Ancillary Activities’) and fill in your side activities. Your supervisor will then assess these activities.

    Network regulations

    More information about Corporate Governance at Wageningen University & Research.