The transition from fossil sources of electricity to renewable sources is in full progress. Wageningen University & Research (WUR) wants to limit CO2 emissions, reduce energy costs and ultimately achieve zero gas use.

As part of the energy transition, WUR owns 26 windmills in Lelystad since 2005. Through our windmills, we have been delivering as much energy to the public grid as we consume. Not only do we produce green wind energy, we also purchase it for our everyday use. Of the total energy consumption of WUR in 2020, 121% was sustainably generated. The wind turbines in Lelystad have generated more than 70 million kWh renewable energy as a result of favorable wind conditions, which was more than in previous years.

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Read more about our other initiatives to generate electricity through our 10,000 solar panels and using Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) on campus is key in achieving our goal to achieve zero gas use.

We intend to realise further energy savings in the coming years by paying close attention to energy management. All parts of the organisation can assess their own energy consumption and realise their own energy-saving potential by means of, for example, insulation, LED lighting and the deployment of sustainable technology.