We commute to and from study or work almost every day and often travel for business. How can we travel as sustainably as possible? And how does WUR manage this traffic flow?

WUR has launched a Mobility Vision 2030 in which the emphasis is on stimulating sustainable transport options such as cycling and public transport and discouraging travel by car or plane. WUR also wants to make all transport options as sustainable as possible by for example offering electric vehicles for shared use as part of Mobility as a Service – read more about it here.

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The WUR travel check for business travel

We facilitate and stimulate the use of video conferencing as the new normal. In case this is not an option, WUR has a travel check in place for business travel which goes a step further than advising to travel by public transport as much as possible. Short flights are actively discouraged and booking a train journey is made easier. Train travel should become the standard for destinations within Europe with a journey time of less than 6-8 hours.

WUR Travel Check
WUR Travel Check

The ambition is to reduce CO2 emissions related to all WUR transport by at least 2% each year. The introduction of the WUR travel check coincided with the start of the corona crisis in March 2020, which makes it impossible to indicate what the effect of this policy has been in the past year.

So what can you do? Always think about whether a meeting can be done through video conferencing first and if the answer is no, search for the most sustainable way to travel from A to B. You can find the travel check here.