Alumni meeting

Alumni event & planting UniversiTREE - South Africa - 11 December 2018

The alumni event to celebrate the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) centennial was hosted by ambassador Han Peters at the Dutch Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa.

Louise O. Fresco thanks alumnus Aldo Stroebel, executive director of at NRF for his speech. During the event an MOU was signed between University of Pretoria (UP) and WUR to strengthen the relations and to contribute to a truly African green revolution through evolution and technological disruption. The MOU was signed by WUR President Louise O. Fresco and UP Vice Chancellor Prof. de la Rey, read the full article here. Of the 50 persons present half were WUR alumni. Also attending were members of NWO, Nuffic, OCW, University of Pretoria, government and different companies.


The planting of a UniversiTREE at the Future Africa Campus of University of Pretoria (UP) by WUR president Louise O. Fresco and DVC for Research and Postgraduate Education, Prof Stephanie Burton, as the executive representative from UP. Also present is Frans Swanepoel, Director: International Strategic Partnerships of UP. The species planted is a Wild Mango tree. This UniversiTREE is part of the wordwide virtual forest to celebrate the WUR centennial and represents the flourishing relations all over the world.