Training course

Breathing Space: Studying Relaxed

As soon as you say you want to create some breathing space, you often find yourself emitting a deep sigh, as if your body is unconsciously giving permission for you to relax.

When we are under tension, we experience everything BUT breathing space. Think of that difficult exam or your approaching thesis deadline. Breathing space is precisely what can help you to focus, concentrate and sleep better.

Does this appeal to you? Then keep reading!

Organised by Student Training & Support

Mon 27 March 2023 12:00

Duration 4 Mondays 27 March, 3,17 April,1 May 2023 | from 12.00-13.30h
Venue Leeuwenborch, building number 201
Price Free

Peace and calm in your body,
less going on in your head

Do you want more insight into the relationship between stress, tension and breathing? Do you want to learn to listen to your body? Do you want to learn how to better deal with challenges and setbacks? How does it sound to be able to experience more clarity and focus? To sleep deeper? To be better able to prioritise? 

About the Training

The training consists of four sessions of 1.5 hours. This is what you can expect:

  1. Discovering Patterns
    Discover how your breathing, emotions, thoughts, tension and relaxation are continuously influencing each other.   
  2. Signals from your body
    Recognise daily signals from your body and how you can influence them during stressful situations.
  3. Increase your Resilience
    Increase your 'Window of Tolerance', the zone in which you can handle your stress well, and find the balance between activation and relaxation.
  4. And what now…?
    We’ve gotten to know our bodies and now it's time to put this knowledge into practice: Find out what works for you when you experience a lot of stress. How do you bring yourself back into balance when things get tense?      

This training is for students who:

  • Experience continuous performance pressure;
  • Always have the feeling they have to be ‘on’;
  • Experience a feeling of unrest or anxiety;
  • Have difficulty concentrating;
  • Sleep poorly or struggle with fatigue;
  • suffer from stress or are sensitive to stress.

Practical information

Group size Max. 12 participants
Language English
Duration 4 lunch sessions of about 1,5 hours
Cost Free of charge; offered by Student Training & Support