Summer school

Breathless Microbes: techniques and theory in anaerobic microbiology (5 days)

Soehngen Institute of Anaerobic Microbiology (SIAM) organises for the first time the Summer School Breathless microbes: Techniques and theory in anaerobic microbiology at Wageningen University & Research.

Organised by Soehngen Institute of Anaerobic Microbiology

Mon 24 July 2017 until Fri 28 July 2017

Venue Laboratory of Microbiology

Course introduction

Anaerobic microbiology is a key research field to address present and future challenges in industry and society. Anaerobic microbes turn waste products into biogas and biofuels. In this course relevant theoretical background on the topic will be provided next to hands-on experiments with high and low tech equipment.

Meet the lecturers

Other faculty

Cornelia Welte, Radboud University, Netherlands

Laura Villanueva, NIOZ, Netherlands

William Martin, Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany

Rolf Thauer, MPI Marburg, Germany

Mike Jetten, Radboud University, Netherlands

Friedrich Widdel, MPI, Bremen, Germany

Selection criteria

Application for this course involves a selection procedure. Participants will be selected based on an abstract, CV and motivation letter. Preference will be given to PhD students and postdocs who will be able to apply anaerobic techniques to their currently running project.

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