Bridging Science policy dialogue on climate & food

Climate, biodiversity loss crises and global food systems are interconnected. Many people recognize the importance of climate resilient and biodiversity friendly food systems, but there is no general consensus on the way ahead. There is need for science-based pathways.

Organised by Wageningen University & Research

Sat 6 November 2021

Duration 10:30 CET, 9:30 Glasgow time
Venue BENELUX-EIB Pavilion

Science is truly international and can help policy makers and countries to determine new pathways forward and learn from others (science diplomacy). Time has come to bridge the gaps between science and policy, to overcome disagreements about facts, interests and values, and to co-create a long term vision towards 2050 - 2100.  

Three different situation showcased this interrelation and the importance of the science policy interface. Each case was presented for about 10 minutes.

  • Case of the Netherlands (by Tim van Hattum, Climate Programme leader WUR)
  • Vietnam case (By Dang Kieu Nhan, director Mekong Delta development Research Institute)
  • Uganda case (by Jacob Etunganan)

The panel reflected upon the three cases and the statements provided.

  • Mrs. Diane Holdorf, Managing Director Food & Nature Program, WBCSD
  • Mrs. Lee Ann Jackson, Head of Agro-food trade & markets division, OECD
  • Mr. Poom Siraprapasiri, Assistant Vice President, Global Partnership for Sustainability and Communications of CP Group
  • Ms Joyce Njoro, nutrition specialist, IFAD
  • Prof Arthur Mol, Chair of the Association of European Life Science Universities

Did you miss the broadcast or do you want to watch it again? Then watch the recordings below.

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