Call for Auditions: ‘Marked’ (‘Getekend’) wants you on stage!

In the heart of the 100 years WUR celebrations, students and staff bring to life the history of this university in the spectacular theatre production 'Marked' on 6 - 9 May 2018 in the Junushoff Wageningen. We are looking among WUR students/staff for (in)experienced actors (Dutch speaking for roles with texts), extra’s, ballroom dancers and fencers. Sign up now to Audition in January 2018!

Organised by Studium Generale

Tue 12 December 2017

Duration Sign up before 12 December 2017 for the auditions in January 2018

‘Marked’ is an historically based theatre production about students’ lives during World War II. In May 1943 the Germans force all students in The Netherlands to sign a declaration of loyalty. Signing means publically declaring yourself loyal to the hostile occupying forces. Declining means you face forced labour in Germany and all the risks that entails. What would you do?

In this multimedia theater spectacle, three friends who are studying at the Wageningen University during the war in 1943 are faced with the most important question of their lives: do they sign the declaration of loyalty to the occupier? Sign up now and you might be playing side by side with professional actors, as one of the German soldiers in a razzia, the resistance fighter in his last hours before his first attack or dance during the student gala.

Sign up now to Audition in January 2018

Sign up by e-mail before 12 december 2017

Please let us know if you are willing to support this production in any other way!

Practical information actors

After the auditions in January 2018, the artistic team will choose cast members out of all the candidates that have auditioned (Note: Spoken Dutch is necessary for roles with texts). Rehearsals start either in the last week of January or in the first week of February 2018. We’ll rehearse one evening each week from 7pm – 10pm on or near the Wageningen Campus. We’ll determine the exact dates and times in consultation with each other and taking your agenda into consideration where possible. Next to the regular evening-rehearsals, we will also rehearse during two – yet to be chosen – weekends in April 2018, on Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 5pm. During these weekends the professional actors will join us. A week before opening night, during the first week of May, we will pick two evenings to rehearse the production in its entirety. On May 3rd and 4th, we will hold final rehearsals in the actual theatre (during day time). On May 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th we hit the stage with this production. We’re looking for enthusiastic students and staff of Wageningen University who are prepared to take responsibility for their commitment to this unique production in a very special commemorative year.

Practical information extras/dancers

In April 2018, four separate two-hour dancing lessons will be organized on or around the Wageningen Campus. Dancers will rehearse the choreography featured in this production. These four lessons will likely be held in the evenings. If you are chosen to be a dancer and/or extra in this production, know that you will join the cast during a single entire day rehearsal during a weekend in April 2018 (it will be on a Saturday or Sunday from 10am-5pm). All extra’s and dancers must be present on May 3th and 4th 2018 for the final rehearsals. The performances are on May 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th 2018 during the evenings in the Junushoff in Wageningen.