Debate about the use of natural remedies in animal production systems

When working in practice, veterinarian Gerdien Kleijer found many unhealthy animals that didn’t need antibiotics because they didn’t have a bacterial infection. These animals were suffering from viral infections, or some of their organs were not working properly. In her search to help these kind of patients she started using herbal remedies that sometimes gave really nice results. At the moment the use of antibiotics is a hot item. More and more people start to understand that we need other ways to keep animals healthy. Good management, housing and feed are basic; sometimes natural remedies are just the factor missing to help keep animals healthy. During this lunch lecture we will explore different (cultural) ideas and methods to improve the well-being of animals.

Organised by Impulse

Wed 1 April 2015 12:30 to 13:15

Venue Impulse, gebouwnummer 115

Gerdien became interested and in 2003 she started a study group to learn more about herbal remedies.  The study group was approached by organic farmers in 2004, which led to a big project called Fyto-V in 2006-2008. The knowledge of the project was captured in so called Stable Books for dairy, poultry and swine.

At the moment, Gerdien Kleijer is a project leader at Projecten LTO Noord and she is still involved in projects about natural remedies.

During this lunch lecture we will explore different (cultural) ideas and methods to improve the well-being of animals. Gerdien will also give us some insight in the different projects and attempts to bring herbal medicine ‘back’ in fashion. And of course we will have a proper debate at the end because that’s how we do at Wageningen Debating.


About Gerdien

“I am a project leader at LTO Noord; most of my projects have to do with the pig sector and involve innovations. I am project leader of www.valleiboertbewust.nl, a project that aims to position farms as social responsible enterprises. Another project is www.pigsinnovationtour.nl. In this project farmers learn from each other about innovations in practice. In some of my projects I work closely together with different schools, such as Van Hall Larenstein, Christelijke Hogeschool Ede, HAS Hogeschool, Groenhorst Barneveld and Stoas Vilentum. Students are doing various assignments for the different projects. Started as a veterinarian, experienced in teaching, training and coaching in the field of animal health, I am also working in the field of natural animal health. I was involved in the Fyto-V project, advising and coaching organic farmers and setting up a module on organic farming in developing countries.”

Gerdien has a broad network in agriculture, especially the pig sector, organic pig farming and natural remedies. Her specialties are project management, training different groups and coaching entrepreneurs.