Wageningen Dialogue

Dialogue: The impact of collaboration

Join this open dialogue and critical discussion, initiated by RUW Foundation, about the strengths and weaknesses of collaboration between the university and the private sector.

Organised by RUW Foundation

Mon 16 March 2020 17:15 to 19:00

Venue Orion, gebouwnummer 103

Event postponed

Due to the Corona virus, this event has been postponed.

With the arrival of Unilever on campus, questions and concerns about the influence of large companies on the university are arising. Students and professors are worried about the university’s independence and what it means to science. Some question whether enough space for high-risk fundamental research remains and if all important questions are still being asked when collaboration increases. Others state that collaborations leads to more knowledge exchange, higher impact and have advantages for students’ career developments.

What do you think about the impact of collaboration: How far do we want to go? RUW Foundation, in collaboration with Wageningen Dialogues, hosts an ''interactive talk show'' about the impact of collaboration between the university and the private sector. The aim is to give space to all perspectives so you can shape, sharpen or even adjust your opinion.

A diverse panel is brought together, to discuss the issue at hand with each other and with you:

  • Anne Mensink, Business Developer, Wageningen Campus
  • prof. Bram Büscher, Chair Sociology of Development and Change group, WUR
  • dr. Ernst van den Ende, Director Plant Science Group, WUR
  • David de Winter, Student and Senior Coordinator, RUW Foundation
  • Manfred Aben, Global Vice President Science & Technology and Site Leader Food Innovation Centre Wageningen, Unilever
  • prof. Philip Macnaghten, Profession Knowledge, Technology and Innovation, WUR

After the talk show with our panel, an open dialogue and interactive discussion with all guests present starts. The evening is moderated by Simone Ritzer, program facilitator Wageningen Dialogues.